IXI Digital

More reliable consumer financial and economic insights for online marketing

Advertising and Site Content Optimization

Use Financial Insights to Find the Right Audience and Serve the Right Offer and Message

The ability to reach the right audience online strongly influences the performance of your campaigns and your return on investment. IXI helps you target based on what really matters – consumers’ likely financial positions and ability to buy.

We do not use panels. Instead, our unique estimates of consumer financial wealth and economic behaviors offer advertisers the ability to get their brand and offers in front of the desired customers.


The IXI Digital Audience Targeting Solution

IXI’s audience targeting solutions help your firm optimize your audience, your offer, and your message. Finally, you can differentiate consumers in real time based on their likely financial profiles.

Ask us how IXI’s audience targeting can help your firm:

  • Utilize financial insights real-time to optimize your site content and campaigns
  • Limit marketing to consumers that are less likely to have the right financial profile for your brand
  • Serve premium offers to visitors that are more likely to have your desired financial profile for certain products and save lower value offers for others
  • Develop creative and messaging for ads that will resonate and bring business to your company based on visitors’ estimated financial profiles


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