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Wealth and Spending Matter

Economic Rebound

November 2015

The Great Recession hurt American consumers badly, but the economy has since trended up and markets have recovered.

Online Shopping Habits by Age and Income Tier

November 2015

With the holiday shopping season ramping up, we wanted to see how age and income impact households’ likely dominant online shopping preferences.

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With over 20 years of experience, IXI enables marketing and sales executives to differentiate and target consumer households based on our Wallet of America foundation, including measures of wealth, income, spending, credit, investment style, share-of-wallet, and share-of-market. Learn more.

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On-demand Webinar: The Art of Engagement Using the Science of Numbers
Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about best practices for Communication Services Providers, including improving customer engagement through more effective use of Customer Lifetime Value models.

Report: Observations and Impacts of U.S. Consumer Wealth Trends
Watch a preview and download this report to understand how U.S. investment habits have changed from before the Great Recession to December 2014 and what it means for financial services firms.

eBook: Identifying the Emerging Affluent to Start Lifelong Relationships – A Financial Marketer’s Guide to Mass Affluent Millennials
Download this ebook to understand how the Millennial generation’s financial profile differs from prior generations and how to better market specifically to Emerging Affluent Millennials.

eBook: A Guide to Better Advertising Through Data – Best Practices for Making Smart Use of Data Online
Download this ebook for tips to help you make smart use of advanced data, analytics and technology for improved return on your online ad campaigns.

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